Kenny G puts the moves on Manda. Steph withers.
Friday, Dec. 12, 2003 ~ 1:03 p.m.

Yesterday at work I spent all day reading a client's screenplay which put me off deadline for editing another client's memoir. Stephanie needs to learn how to focus again. I need to be able to do more than one task a day! I also printed and cut out a bunch of little flyers for Showtime's band so that Didi and Penina could pass them out at the show they were seeing in Sac-Town. Those gals are fantastic for being flyer passer outers!

After work, Manda and I went to Safeway. Boy are we dumb. It was another one of those "We should not be let out in public" sagas. WE BOUGHT PURPLE POTATOES!!!

Showtime called and told me that he and the guys were going to Popscene. "I'm gonna get really drunk. Do you want to pick me up later."

Yeah right. "Pick your drunk ass up at two in the morning? Again. No thank you!"

I asked Manda, "Wanna go on a date with me? Let's the two of us go to 1984, and then Showtime can walk over to 84 and we'll take him home."

I told her I wouldn't force her. She could say no. No big whoop. But ultimately, she decided yes.

So at about 11:30, we headed over to the Cat Club and experienced one of the most overbearing yuppie invasions of the Mission that I have ever seen. We even saw the guy that slapped Didi's ass! We got sweet parking, though, right outside.

Joe Karate had called earlier. He was like, "I'm at a video game party at the Luna Lounge, and I was thinking, 'Steph is probably next door.'" I told him I'd probably be next door in about half an hour, but when Manda and I got to the Cat Club, I just didn't feel like calling Joe Karate out for some small talk because I am a mean bitch, so Manda and I just headed on in to get some liquor on.

I don't think my body wanted to drink, even though my brain did. Everything tasted REALLY REALLY BOWLING BALL CLEANER. I had 2 lemon drops and one vodka cran. The vodka cran made me want to die, and I left most of it in the ladies' bathroom. At some point in the evening, Manda and I heard Our Song and we went ape caca and I got all winded and breathless.

This guy that looked like a young Kenny G asked Manda if she wanted to dance, and she said, "Let's all dance!" and I cringed and said outloud, "Where is my boyfriend?!" And then Kenny G said to her, "Let's dance over there!" and Manda said, "Right here is fine!" and then he wandered away. Poor Kenny G.

We told Showtime to meet us outside by 1:15, and since he doesn't wear a watch, I wondered how responsible he'd be about his rendezvous time. While outside, I bought Manda a Reese's peanut butter cup from the candy girl, and we contemplated the horror of getting her car out of the space in front of us, because a big trunk and an SUV had sandwiched her completely like a Mentos commercial.

Showtime showed up around 1:25am, all sweaty and breathless. He was like, "This is much farther from Popscene than Dogpoo said. I ran most of the way and hoped you guys hadn't left. Plus, I was scared that I'd get mugged or something." I said, "But you're a boy," and he said, "But I kind of look like a girl."

The three of us managed to get Manda's car out as she executed a one-million-point turn and then we headed home, and Didi and Penine and Mama had already come home from their Sac-Town show. When Brodie shat in the hallway, I ran into Manda's room with Showtime and Penina, and stayed until she came out from her shower and kicked us out.

Showtime and I laid about on the futon until 4 in the morning, just chatting and smooching and being cuddly. It's one of the bestest things ever to wake up as the sun is brightening the room a little and you realize your boy has spooned up close to you.

I believe he is hanging out with Didi and Penina and Mama today. Penina is cutting Didi's hair and dyeing it black, so I gave the gals some money to buy some dye for Showtime, too, so he can join in on the Makeover FunTimes.

They's gonna be some hawt bitchez when I get home!

The midnight movie in San Jose is The Breakfast Club tonight. Too bad it's all the way in SAN JO!


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